david maxey

September 29, 2009

Just Him

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Once, during a time of mental anguish when it felt as if my soul was melting in despair I wrote a respected ministry friend of mine and asked for some council. Though I secretly hoped that he would express sympathy for me and stroke my raw and wounded emotions, I knew that most likely he would send me a pre-packaged solution basically consisting of ridding myself of the source of the problem and spending copious amounts of time in the Word and prayer. I was wrong on both accounts. He didn’t stroke my emotions and, surprisingly enough didn’t prescribe the spiritual version of “two aspirins and go to back to sleep”. What he said was much simpler, and it frustrated me; he said, “What you need to do is look to Jesus.” After reading this, I was self-righteously indignant. “How dare he write ‘Just look to Jesus’ when he knows how serious my problem is? I need something concrete, something that will help.”

After a while, my dissatisfaction over my friend’s response subsided, though the problem did not. It remained like a tooth ache; not a sharp pain, but a lingering, throbbing one. Thereafter, one fine day, I was listening to a sermon about Jesus, in other words – looking to Him, when something amazing happened inside me. All of a sudden my pain disappeared and relief came. I was shocked. I saw Jesus in a new, glorious light and it set me free. Suddenly, I realized that my friend was right, I didn’t need a spiritual prescription or a sympathetic pat on the shoulder, I just needed Jesus and Him alone.

Might I suggest to you today, that what you need, rather, who you need is Jesus. Look to Him and be saved!

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