david maxey

October 2, 2009

More Than Enough

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Before we installed the church’s new entry gate with its electric-magnetic lock (I love the sound of that!), we called the lock company several times and asked them to tell us exactly what type of electric wires we needed to install in order for the lock to function properly. The thing is, the gate is about thirty feet away from the church building and in order to run electricity out to it, we had to dig a channel through the earth from the church to the gate and run a wire through it via a metal conduit. Obviously, since we were going to have to go to the effort of digging such a channel, we wanted to make certain that we ran enough wires through it, so we wouldn’t risk having to dig up the conduit again to run any additional wires. So, we contacted the lock company and they confirmed several times that we needed to run two separate wires out to the gate and that they would be more than sufficient. Based on this information, we went to the colossal effort of digging the channel by hand and running the wires to the gate.

Imagine our surprise when the lock installation man, incidentally from the same lock company mentioned above, arrived at the church to install the lock and matter-of-factly   told us that two wires weren’t enough; we needed three! I was shocked. To make matters worse, it proved impossible to run a third wire through the conduit the other two wires ran through. There was nothing left to do, but dig another channel by hand and install the additional wires, this time with several surplus wires. The blisters on my hand are proof of the difficulty of such a job. Disappointing as it was, this incident taught me a valuable lesson –  often times it is wisdom to add a little ‘extra’ beyond what is called for. If we had installed a third wire ‘just to be sure’ to begin with, we would never have suffered from the mis-information we received from the lock company.

We have a God who is a God of abundance; a God who does more than enough. When God is serving out the drinks, the cups always end up filled AND running over. This was shown in the New Testament incident when Jesus turned water into wine and provided the wedding party with ample wine of the finest quality. God doesn’t just meet our needs, He also fulfills the desires of our hearts. By the same token, if we are to imitate Him, we will in turn bless others generously out of abundance, instead of miserly out of lack. So, in life, consider adding that little extra, and see how it will go a long ways!



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