david maxey

October 6, 2009

Muck and Mire

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porta potty unused

The most unpopular task at church is emptying the porta-potti tank after a week of vigorous use. As of now, we still don’t have indoor plumbing at the church and have to result to self-contained methods of waste-management. So, every week some very fortunate soul has to detach the 20 liter (read 45 lb.) waste tank from the main unit, carry it to the far end of the property, and carefully pour the unsavory contents onto the welcoming soil. Not only is it heavy work, it’s smelly, and leaves one with a vile taste in the mouth. Still, it is absolutely vital and I can’t imagine what we would do if no one conceded to do it.

It brings to mind the incredible sacrifice that Christ made when He left the realms of heavenly glory and entered into a world stained with the filth of sin. It was a thankless task. The Bible tells us that He came to His own and His own rejected Him, though He came to save them from eternal death. It was a heavy task. Jesus took upon Himself the weight of the sins of the world when He ascended Golgotha to the cross. Our minds cannot grasp what it meant for the Son of God to be made sin with our sin. Every fiber of His holy being repulsed the awful burden, yet He took it anyway. He performed the most vile task imaginable, to save us forever. It is His blood which cleanses us from ALL sin. When we consider His sacrifice, thankfulness and love well up in our hearts, and our knees bow down to worship Him.

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