david maxey

October 13, 2009

“New” Super Mario Bros. for NDS

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It was one of those ‘passion of the moment’ purchases. A friend of ours, Derrick, took me to a famous electronics clearance house in Singapore to check out all the fabulous deals, and specifically, to pick up a portable hard disc for our family. As we browsed through the delightful electronic shops, eyes ablaze with excitement and desire, we happened upon a shop specializing in computer game systems. Interestingly, the Lord miraculously delivered me from addiction to computer games over five years ago (that’s another story for another time), and since then I haven’t had even an inkling of desire to fire up the ol’ joystick. But when I entered into that store, all of a sudden a wild desire came upon me to purchase some type of game system for my kids. You can be sure that my motives were of the purest sort.

Up till this point in time, we hadn’t allowed our kids to play computer games of any kind, so this was really a big step for me. I stepped hesitantly up to the counter and asked the shopman what game system he would recommend for children ages 4-7. To make a long story short, he sold me a Nintendo DS Lite handheld game system. This entry isn’t about the NDS itself, but let me tell you, so far I am really impressed with it. It certainly does seem to be the right choice for young children, yet is outrageously fun even for adults.

One of the games that we have acquired for our NDS is the “New” Super Mario Bros. It caught my eye due to the nostalgic vibes it was emitting. The original Super Mario Bros. game was the first computer game I ever played in my life, at the tender age of 12, and it holds a special place in my heart. So it came as no surprise that the “new” version captured my attention. Even better than that, it exceeded my expectations.

It’s hard to improve on a classic, but in my opinion Nintendo has managed to do so with its “New” Super Mario Bros. game. The levels are familiar, yet are upgraded graphically (no surprise here) along with new twists and goodies. The real genius of the game is its retention of the elements that made the original game great which have been combined with new features which pump fresh blood into it. In other words, the designers managed to keep the game true to its roots, while at the same time adding just enough new features to keep it interesting and current.

I won’t go into more detail about the game itself, but I will say that this game is an excellent form of entertainment for children (Adults too!) – a great choice as a first “serious” game to start with. Don’t be deceived by the thought that this game is just a boring remix of the original game – it’s fresh and loads of fun! If you don’t own this game yet, treat yourself and your kids and get it!

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