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November 11, 2009

Olga Z

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So many major events have taken place recently that I am rather at a loss as to which one I should write about today, however, I think that I’ll start with the most graphic one.

October 22-29th our church hosted Rev. Joe Purcell – director of Rhema Bible Training Center Singapore and Inga’s and my spiritual father. We held evening sessions almost every day with the exceptions of Rev. Joe’s arrival and departure dates. Monday evening, October 26th, we had a wonderful time in the Lord, blessed by the power of the Spirit and the Word of God. After the service, I noticed that Inga, my lovely wife, was having a pleasant, animated conversation with a young lady from our church, Olga Zinovchuk. The thing I remember the most about it is Olga giggling happily away like a bubbling brook. I was so happy that she and Inga found time to fellowship. The following morning, we received some awful news: Olga, upon returning home from church, was viciously assaulted in the elevator on the way up to her 13th floor flat, and was in critical condition in the hospital.

As soon as possible, we visited Olga in the hospital. Honestly, I wasn’t prepared for what I saw. The form lying on that single mattress didn’t even resemble Olga aside from the shape and form of her arms and hands (her torso and legs were concealed by a blanket). A white bandage was wrapped tightly around the crown of her head. Her face was swollen to the point that her features were practically undistinguishable. Her eyes were sealed shut by puffy mounds of purple flesh surrounding them. The fleshly protrusions around her eyes dwarfed her nose, while though thankfully unbroken, seemed oddly deformed as if sunk into the encircling facial features. I sat down at her bedside with Inga close by my side, grasped Olga’s hand, and cried. It broke my heart to see one of my lamb’s in such a broken condition. After the tears stopped flowing, we anointed Olga with oil and prayed for her in Jesus’ Name. For some time we prayed in the spirit. In spite of her critical condition, we sensed the peace of God, and a steady faith in our hearts that Olga would certainly recuperate.

Eventually, things became clearer as to what exactly happened to Olga in the elevator, and as to the state of her injuries. Apparently, when Olga got in the elevator that fateful October night, she did so in the company of two other people: a woman and a man (unrelated to one another). The woman disembarked on the 5th floor, while Olga and the man continued upwards – the 13th floor being Olga’s final destination. Somewhere between the 5th and 13th floors, the man assaulted Olga while ascending in the elevator. Primarily her face was beaten in the attack and her skull fractured from being slammed into the elevator’s walls. Eventually, the elevator stopped (below the 13th floor), and the vicious assailant dragged Olga out of the elevator cabin and in to the corridor hoping to find a dark corner to secrete in and continue his nefarious deeds.

Meanwhile, the woman who disembarked on the 5th floor heard Olga’s screams and asked her husband to see what the trouble was. Thankfully, her husband climbed up the stairs in the building searching every floor for any sign of wrongdoing. It was his approaching footsteps which frightened away Olga’s assailant before more damage was done. When he found Olga bloodied and beaten on the floor, he called for an ambulance and Olga was taken to the hospital.

Most likely the motive of the assailant was rape. Praise God, he was thwarted in his evil plans by the good neighbor from the 5th floor. He has not yet been apprehended, but the police are searching for him.

The bulk of Olga’s injuries were confined to her head and face; amazingly enough no bones were broken with the exception of some hair line fractures on her skull. Her arms, legs, and torso were relatively undamaged. Possibly the most serious of the injuries was a “bruise” on her brain.

Today, Olga is vastly improved. I would say miraculously improved. The power of God at work in her body caused her to recuperate at a fantastic rate. The swelling on her face has receded completely. The only trace of her facial injuries are some broken blood vessels in her eyes, which make the whites crimson, but her eyes can see perfectly. Olga is able to walk around slowly with assistance; her main complaint is a ringing in her ears and dizziness. The doctors (who tend to be rather negative and gruff) are amazingly optimistic about her recovery, saying that she will recover 100%.

Olga is a living testimony to the saving power of God. She related to me that when assaulted the first thing to come to her mind were words from the 23rd Psalm. It is remarkable that this slight, petite young lady survived such an ordeal with her virtue intact and without grave injury. There is no sense in asking “why” it happened. The Bible makes it clear that we have an enemy who delights in attacking us saints. The point is that Jesus saved her life and subsequently healed her body. There is no doubt that it was He who inspired the 5th floor neighbor to search the entire building and come to her assistance. The trials of life come to us all, but, praise God, we have a Savior who delivers us out of them all!


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