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November 19, 2009


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Everybody loves a good game of Monopoly. The quest to obtain riches and influence never ceases to lure us with its bedazzling charms. Not to mention that the miniature figurines (car, boot, etc.) have an allure all their own, at least they did to me as a child. Perhaps the game is at fault for us not being more aggressively opposed to real life monopolies. Believe me, we should be! Just like the game, real life monopolies tend to only benefit the monopolists, while the rest of the “players” go bust. Life in Russia has really exposed me to the rotten, corrupt underbelly of Monopoly. Let me share a true life example with you…

There are actually many examples of monopolies that I could share with you,  in fact, in my humble opinion the entire Soviet apparatus was one GIANT monopoly. Fortunately, today, things are different and continue to change, but the essence of monopoly still abounds in many regions of Russia. Recently, I talked with someone who works as an accountant for a laboratory that studies infectious diseases. The laboratory recently decided to expand its operations, hence, determined to construct a new facility. Before commencing construction of the new facility, the lab did a lot of research to deduce how much such a project would cost. Enter monopoly. Everything seemed doable till they contacted the water company, Vodocanal, and asked how much it might cost to hook up the proposed lab to the city’s water supply. What they discovered was nothing short of shocking.

Vodocanal, being a monopoly, has the privilege of dreaming up whatever prices they so desire for their range of services. Since there are plenty of fat cats in their employ who desperately need new luxury cars, expensive raiment, exclusive watches, etc. their prices can be astronomical. My accountant friend who works for the lab informed me that the cost of hooking up to city water through Vodocanal (incidentally, due to popular monopoly tradition, the ONLY way to hook up to city water) would actually cost more than building the new laboratory from foundation to shingles. And that’s just water. There’s also electricity, which is also controlled by a monopoly. Needless to say after the lab found out how much the water hookup would cost, they canceled their building project.

What can you do when a monopoly is in control?

You are obligated to either pay what they ask, or trust in the Lord, or both. Of course, the best way is to trust in the Lord. When you trust in the Lord, even if you end up having to pay, He will give you such favor with the monopolists that they decide to charge you much less than they could. I cannot imagine having to face monopolies armed with only the strength of the flesh and the mind. What a privilege to be endued with the power of God, and possess the mind of Christ! Let me share with you an example of this…

As you probably know, we are engaged in a building project here in Khabarovsk for our church, Fountain of Life. We will eventually also need to hook up to a water source, yet we certainly don’t want to pay more for the water hook-up than the entire building costs. What to do? The short answer, as you have already guessed, is to trust the Lord. The long answer is: trust in the Lord and ask Him for direction, guidance, and wisdom. That’s precisely what we did and the Lord impressed upon my heart that we should dig a well. The church’s soil is well irrigated, with an abundance of water underground. We priced it out and were informed that digging a well approximately 100 feet deep including pipes and a pump would cost around $6,000.00. While not a tiny sum, it is significantly less than it would cost to hook up to the city’s water, and we are guessing the well water will probably be of higher quality.

So there you have it, a great way to deal with monopolies is to trust the Lord with all your heart and not reply on your own strength and effort.


  1. Hello David,

    Andrew and I are excited to see that you are blogging again! It sounds like God is continually at work in you and your flock’s lives! That is so awesome! We enjoy getting the updates. Know you have people praying for you worldwide, and specifically in a small town called Broken Arrow OK! You and your family are loved! tell everyone we send our love!

    Alyse and Andrew

    Comment by Alyse Conley — November 19, 2009 @ 2:45 pm | Reply

    • Dear Andrew and Alyse,

      It’s nice to know that at least somebody out there is reading my blog:) I really do enjoy it, it’s just something that I have to be more consistent with.

      We rejoice at how the Lord is working here in Fountain of Life. He is SO good to us! Our church’s vision says it all: “Keep our eyes fixed on Jesus!”

      Thank you so much for praying for us. That’s what really matters. Of course it warms our hearts to know we are loved.

      You know, the church staff still talks about you guys as if you had left just yesterday. (In fact, our children still talk fondly about you guys.) Without a doubt, you both were the best short-term missionaries ever. You were hard workers, self-sufficient, organized, willing, cheerful, and anointed. In short, you were a real example to the staff here, and they really love you guys as we do too. You’re the real deal. We would love for you to come back any time you can make it. We need some help working with our teens. They need to be fired up and a solid ministry needs to be developed for them. Pray about it. Maybe the Lord will direct you back our way?


      Comment by davidmaxey — November 25, 2009 @ 1:12 am | Reply

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